Which fitness studio software is right for me?

101 weeks ago by Amelia

The one thing pretty much every single business owner has a shortage of is time. When you run a fitness studio or gym, answering emails and maintaining a good online presence that services your customers can seem pretty overwhelming. Thankfully, there are a lot of innovative software products out there that can help you run your business and save you time, helping you focus on what really matters — keeping your customers happy and growing your business. Below, we’ve listed a few different software products that suit different types of fitness entrepreneurs.


One of the best known gym management softwares out there, Mindbody caters to businesses both in the fitness and wellness industries and boasts a very large user base. They offer a nice-looking app and a good array of marketing tools alongside their management features. With monthly fees ranging from £65 all the way up to £245 it offers a varying number of features for businesses of different sizes. However, many users complain about frequent system failures and unresponsive customer service.


The Irish startup Glofox’s platform has proved quite popular, and offers an app for premium users for your clients to use to book into your classes. The platform seems to be pretty well-liked, though some say it can be glitchy at times and wish the desktop version of the platform was as beautiful as their app. Many business owners appreciate the ability to create your own app for your business, but with prices ranging from €80 to €170 a month, the software is geared more towards more established businesses that can justify a monthly fee like this.


Used by a variety of business types to host events, classes and courses, Bookwhen offers a simple platform that is easy to use for beginners, but is perhaps a bit lacking in the wow factor, with many users saying it’s a bit clunky and not very attractive. However, with prices starting at £9+VAT per month, it offers an affordable option that may prove especially valuable for small, new businesses who want to try out online booking.


The last one on the list is Fitbizzle, and while this is our own product, we don’t claim that it’s the only product of its kind out there or that it suits absolutely everyone. Fitbizzle was created especially for small businesses that don’t need all the bells and whistles that other platforms offer to benefit bigger businesses, but want more flexibility than other more affordable systems allow for.

Having been launched just a few months ago, Fitbizzle’s user base is small but fast-growing, and this allows us to be flexible and listen to customer feedback, adding features that our clients most want to see. The platform charges users 2% of the bookings they’ve received through the system up to $250/£200 a month, with all users getting full access to all the features. This means that even seasonal or part-time fitness instructors can afford to use Fitbizzle, as you only pay for what you use. However, the software works best for smaller businesses, as managers of larger gyms might find that the system doesn’t optimise their time well enough as it limits the amount of admins and locations.