7 Reasons Why Fitness Entrepreneurs Should Be Blogging

95 weeks ago by Amelia

We’ve briefly spoken about the benefits of blogging in the past, but the advantages of having a blog for any type of business are so abundant, that they deserve a blog post of their own. We believe that having a blog is beneficial for any type of business, but there are unique advantages to having a blog for fitness instructors. Without further ado, here are our top six reasons why fitness entrepreneurs should seriously consider blogging.

1. Book more clients. It’s best to start with the one you’re most likely to care about, eh? Fact is, having a blog for your business has been shown to bring more leads for businesses, and the more you blog, the better. The other pros mentioned in this article all contribute to this.

2. Be seen as an expert in your field. This goes for both your clients and your peers. By writing blog posts, you can show off your knowledge of your profession, which will generate good word of mouth.

3. Open doors for collaboration and media coverage. This is a follow-up from the previous point, as having a blog will also strengthen . Blogging strengthens your status as a voice for your industry, and can be a great help in securing opportunities to appear on other blogs and local media.

4. Improve your visibility online. SEO, or Search Engine Optimisation, is a complex beast that we won’t get into too deeply just now. Suffice to say that writing a blog will populate your website with more material, making it appear higher in Google search results, driving more traffic onto your website. By writing blog posts with titles like ‘8 Surprising Health Benefits of Yoga’, you can reach people who are searching an answer to a specific question on Google.

5. Publicise new classes and courses better. You’ll be able to provide more details, answer frequently asked questions and so on. A blog post is a great way to share this information to your clients and followers.

6. Offer extra resources to your clients. Having a blog allows you to further educate your clients, perhaps by giving them pointers on how to do better in your classes, the best way to prepare and recover after a class, or listing your favourite online resources that could be of help to them.

7. Connect with your clients on a more personal level. If you’re up for it, a blog is a good way to show sides of running your classes that your clients may not normally see, whether that is super early mornings or having to be flexible with your personal life in order to run your business. This kind of openness can lead your clients to feel they know you on a more personal level, and foster a closer relationship with your brand.