5 Reasons Why Budding Fitness Entrepreneurs Should Invest in a Booking Software

95 weeks ago by Amelia

When starting out, many fitness instructors wonder if a booking software really is worth the money. While they can make your life easier by saving time on administrative tasks such as booking in clients and checking for availability, household names such as Mindbody, whose prices start at £65 a month for the most basic package, seem all but out of reach for trainers who are only just starting to grow their list, or only offer fitness classes on a part-time or seasonal basis.

However, foregoing having a booking software altogether means having to take bookings via email, phone or in person, meaning it’s difficult to keep track of class signups, remaining spots on courses and cancellations. We think that having a booking system is a worthwhile investment for all fitness instructors who want to appear professional and grow their client list. Or you know, just not get buried alive by all those booking and cancellation emails.

Without further ado, here are our top reasons for using an online booking system for your fitness business.

1. First of all, using a booking system allows you to spend less time on digital paper shuffling and more time on building your client list. If you’re taking bookings via phone or email, you don’t have to go back and forth between your inbox and whatever spreadsheet/notepad/pile of crumpled up paper scraps you might use to keep track of class signups. Everything will be in one place from client contact details to class calendars.

2. Using a booking system allows your clients to purchase classes and courses easily on the go, without having to contact you personally. While some booking software products offer a mobile app, others, like Fitbizzle, have developed their platforms with a mobile-first mindset, making users feel like they’re using an app without having to download anything onto their phones. Being able to make purchases online not only saves you time, it saves your customers time as well. With Fitbizzle, your clients can securely save their card details, allowing them to make one-click purchases.

3. You’ll be able to accept card payments on your own online shop. This means that you can keep track of your income more easily and not have to deal with keeping cash secure and change on hand. With Fitbizzle, you also get access to a simple financial report that breaks down your income from classes month-to-month. Now you can throw away the spreadsheet/notepad/pile of paper scraps that keeps track of your financial position, too!

4. You can easily see who’s coming to your classes and who can’t make it. Using a booking system allows you to easily access the list of clients signed up for any class, and with most platforms, including Fitbizzle, you can check in clients as they arrive and cancel a booking for those who can’t make it.

5. Your business will have a more professional feel to it. Imagine having your own, beautiful online shop for your classes and courses without having to hire a techie to make you one? With an online booking system, that’s exactly what you get. Having a sleek and simple booking system will make your business seem more professional and lower a potential client’s threshold for booking into one of your classes, as they don’t have to contact you personally.

Okay, so hopefully by now you’ve been sold on the idea of using a booking software. But what can you do if you are unsure about whether you can afford to invest almost £800 a year in a booking system like Mindbody? While more affordable systems do exist, they’re not always the easiest on the eyes, nor flexible enough to fit your unique business model.

Enter Fitbizzle — we offer a beautiful, easy to use platform for small fitness studios and independent instructors that won’t have you reaching for a hammer and your piggy bank. We are able to offer our services to fitness entrepreneurs no matter how small their client list is, as you only pay a fee of 2% of the sales you make through the platform, capped at $250/£200 a month. If you make £200 worth of sales in a month, you pay £2, if you make £0, your fee will also be £0. This makes us the perfect choice for budding fitness entrepreneurs.

We also take a minimalist approach to building features for the platform, offering only those we believe will most benefit our trainers and member studios, allowing you to run your business in the way you feel best suits it without having to deal with complicated features only huge gyms need. We’re for startups, by a startup.