Frequently asked questions

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Payments & Billing

What payment options can I offer on Fitbizzle?

You can choose from cash, card and cheque payments, as well as electronic transfers, offering any combination of these options, or just one.

How will I receive payments from clients when they purchase something via Fitbizzle?

When clients choose to pay via credit/debit card online, then payment will be sent to your Stripe account (you'll need to have one to start using Fitbizzle). Stripe offer a few options as to how and when you receive your money but at it's usually weekly or monthly - your choice. You can set this when you log in to your Stripe account and go into the “Manage Payments” area. All client card payments are gathered up into your Stripe account and then when it's time to transfer it to you, Stripe take care of this, subtracting their fee along the way.

In the case of cash or electronic transfers, you will see the payment marked as unpaid on the dashboard and requiring collection from the client. Once they've paid, just mark the payment as collected - making keeping track of outstanding payments a breeze. There is no Stripe fees associated with these payment types - just Fitbizzle’s own fee.

How much does Fitbizzle cost?

We charge just 2% of whatever you sell via Fitbizzle. Remember to factor in the card fees charged by Stripe (if you choose to accept debit/credit card) as this is outside of the fee that Fitbizzle takes. This is capped at £200/$250 per month.

How much money does Stripe charge on top of Fitbizzle’s 2% fee?

For cash and cheque payments as well as electronic transfers, nothing. For card payments, Stripe charges a small fee per individual transaction in card handling fees. To find out the details of this charge, visit

What currencies can I take payments in?

Any legitimate currency is fine by us!

How do I pay Fitbizzle for their service?

You'll need to have a credit/debit card set up against your Fitbizzle account so that we can take our monthly fee from you. It's usually taken on the first working day of each month, covering usage for the month that just past. As an example, if you signed up and started taking bookings from the 1st January, then your first Fitbizzle payment would be taken on the 1st of February. If you sold $1000 worth of classes, then we would invoice just $20 from your card. Make sure your card details are always up to date to avoid any service disruption if we are unable to take payment.

Do I still pay for Fitbizzle if I don't use it?

Nope. If you don't sell anything in a month, then you don't pay anything to Fitbizzle. We do, however, ask that if you're not going to be using it for a few months that you let us know. If you don't use it for more than a couple months without telling us, we may automatically deactivate your account to keep our systems running as fast as possible.

Does Fitbizzle offer direct debits/memberships?

At the moment, Fitbizzle doesn’t support direct debit memberships, though this is something we’re considering adding in the future.

Your Studio

Can I add additional trainers on Fitbizzle?

Yes you can! Click on the drop-down menu with your name on it at the top right corner of your page and select “User access”. By clicking on “Invite”, you can add the name and email address of the person you want to add, and get the option of adding them as an admin with full access to your account, or as a trainer with partial access.

Is Fitbizzle suitable for personal trainers?

That depends on a few things. The short answer is yes, Fitbizzle can work for personal trainers. If you offer personal training sessions at certain times of the day at one fixed location, Fitbizzle would be a good fit! Simply add your availability, and your clients can book in a specific time slot. However, if the times you train are highly flexible,, and your clients often ask to see you at 5:15 one week, and then 4:25 the next, it might be harder for you to add your availability on Fitbizzle in advance. Similarly, if you travel to your clients, you’ll have to take this into account when building your schedule, as you’d have to factor in travel time to avoid getting overbooked. If you have any questions about whether Fitbizzle would be a good fit for your business, send us an email at [email protected] and we can have a chat about the best options for you!

Does Fitbizzle offer a cancellation policy?

We do indeed! You can choose from a 24h and a 48h cancellation policy, meaning that if a client cancels their class last minute, they won’t be able to use their class credit on another class. To add a cancellation policy, go to “Fitbizzle settings” in the drop-down menu with your name on it, and select between having a a 24h or a 48h cancellation policy, or none.

Something you can't find the answer for? Just drop us an email [email protected].