Simple fitness studio and gym management software.

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For startups, by a startup.

Here's the highlights

Easy payments

We integrate with Stripe to make online payment handling easy. Securely store cards for one click client purchases. All whilst still being able to handle cash and more manual payments if you need to.

Online shop

No need for your clients to download an app just to buy and manage their classes. Fitbizzle looks beautiful on both mobile and desktop. Sell sessions or courses, bundles of credits, or just one-off drop-ins, on your own easy to use and branded online shop.

Reduce admin

Saves time that is usually spent on admin tasks like availability checking, handling bookings and cancellations. Empower your clients to manage their upcoming classes and book into alternatives when they're unable to make it.

Saves you time

Fitbizzle saves you time that is usually spent on admin tasks such as availability checking and handling bookings and cancellations.

You get access to all our features from day one, allowing you to hit the ground running.

Fitbizzle takes just 24 hours to set up and get it running, allowing you to focus on other things.

No more cancellation or booking emails to clog up your inbox. Treat yourself to some 'me time' instead!

Your own online shop

Through Fitbizzle, you can sell sessions or courses, credit bundles or drop-ins, through your very own, easy-to-use, branded online shop.

There's no need for your clients to download an app just to buy and manage their classes. Fitbizzle is designed to look beautiful on both phones and laptops.

Use your own branding on your shop front and emails to make your studio stand out. Designed a new logo? Switch out your old one in seconds.

With Fitbizzle, you get your own unique link for your shop which you can add to your website - it’s that easy. There’s no need to embed anything onto your business’ website.

We partner with Stripe to make the handling of online payments easy. Securely store cards for two-click client purchases, all while also being able to handle cash payments if you need to.

Keep it simple

There are no complicated memberships or business tools that only huge gyms and studios need. Fitbizzle is built for small businesses that are wanting to grow.

Plan your schedule and take full control over when and where you offer classes. You won't be tied down to recurring weekly schedules or other features that mainly serve very large gyms and fitness studios.

Move clients between classes or refund payments with a couple of clicks, and we'll let them know.

Offer two-click purchases by securely storing your clients’ card details with Stripe.

Set up automated reminders for upcoming classes for your clients, reducing no-shows.

Your admin dashboard gives you a quick overview of upcoming classes, outstanding payments, recent purchases and other activity within your business. View clients' bookings, payments and details. Classes can be purchased by you or your client using their existing card details in just two clicks.


Here at Fitbizzle we believe in offering simple pricing for small, early stage fitness enterprises - you pay just 2% of whatever you sell through Fitbizzle monthly, up to a $250/£200 maximum.

Great for both fulltime and seasonal businesses - you only pay for the months you use Fitbizzle.

No tiered pricing or light versions that restrict features. There are no second-class citizens on Fitbizzle.

Built for startups, by a startup. Fitbizzle is brought to you by the good people at Bad Dinosaur. We’ve been building apps for small to medium sized businesses for over 10 years.

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